1. Your Account: If you are using goodies.codechef.com, you are responsible for maintaining the safety and confidentiality of your account. You must at any cost restrict access to your account/computer to avoid any unauthorized access.
  2. Your Laddus: Laddus are the rewards for your performance on CodeChef. At any cost, they cannot be transferred or can be used for procuring goodies for any other account.
  3. Goodies: You agree and acknowledge that goodies.codechef.com is an online platform enabling you to claim goodies through your performance on CodeChef. You further agree that goodies.codechef.com is just a facilitator and not a manufacturer and hence cannot be accounted for:
  • Any defect/damage to the goodies
  • Any difference in the appearance of product as shown in picture and in real.
  • Any possible harm/damage caused due to the use of goodies.
  • Due to the custom rules in certain countries, some goodies will not be available for international participants.
  1. Shipping: The shipping of goodies will follow a monthly cycle as per which:
  • The goodies will be shipped only twice a month in a cycle of 15 days.
  • Orders received on or before the 30th/31st of every month will be shipped in the subsequent week.
  • The shipping of goodie depends on several parameters like (but not restricting to) the geographical location, availability of shipping service, public holidays etc., which can cause additional delay in the delivery of the goodie.
  • Participants might be asked to pay custom duty in some countries to claim their goodie, failing which the goodie could get stuck with the custom department or might get destroyed. Under any such circumstances, CodeChef will not be responsible for the loss of goodie and will not be providing any reimbursement or re-sending of the goodie.
  1. Your Conduct: You must not use your laddus or the goodies procured through them in any way that hampers your integrity and association with CodeChef. You must understand that you are responsible for all the communication sent from your account. So, make sure that:
  • There isn’t any fraudulent communication.
  • All the information shared with us is updated and belong to you.
  • You do not use any fake identity to accrue the laddus.
  1. Disclaimer: By clicking “Accept” you acknowledge and undertake that you have read and understood all the terms and conditions mentioned above and will abide by them.