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What are CodeChef Laddus?

In Indian culture, nothing depicts sweetness better than a Laddu. Be it a birthday party, a wedding celebration, or an examination result, Laddu is the first thing you will get to lay your hands on. And in true Indian tradition, we too have some laddus for you from our 7th birthday party. It’s not the traditional sugary goodness that you find at your local sweet store, but it certainly is sweeter. No matter which part of the world you belong to, we are sure you will savour this new Indian delicacy from our kitchen!

After multiple partial attempts to fix our goodie delivering process, we present to you our new goodie distribution program aka the “Laddu Accrual System“.

With this, we intend to give a major overhaul to the current goodie winning process. You will now have the option to choose what you want as your CodeChef goodie.

The way it has been envisaged is that we will be distributing Laddus in place of goodies for your winnings and various other activities (described below), that you perform on our system. Once you collect enough number of Laddus, you can then redeem them to get yourself anything from a wide range of CodeChef goodies (Yes, we are going to broaden our inventory and we are open to your suggestions on what would you like to win).

You can read in detail about our laddu categories here. The below table outlines some of them:

Our Laddus Chart

# Your Activity You Earned
1 Contest Top Ranks (CodeChef’s Long, Cook-Off, LTIME,
or any contest hosted with us)
300 + Bonus
(Bonus = n – contest rank, where ‘n’ is 21 for long contest and 11 for short contests)
2 Bug Finder 50 – 1000 (depending on the bug severity). It may also fetch you a CodeChef internship!
3 Contest Hosting 50
4 Random Laddus 200
5 100% attendance participation reward 1000 (once in 12 months)
6 First one to solve each of the problems individually 100
7 Country wise participation upto 50
8 Country wise performance upto 300
9 Consistently in Top 10 of the Global Ranklist 2500


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